Mikhail Mishustin visited the RUSSIA EXPO

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Mikhail Mishustin visited the RUSSIA EXPO

The Head of the Russian Government delivered a lecture "Creating the Future Today"

Yesterday, December 6th, The Head of the Russian Government Mikhail Mishustin delivered a lecture "Creating the Future Today" at the lecture hall of the Russian Society "Knowledge". "The project of the "Knowledge" society became a part of the International RUSSIA EXPO. The most significant and interesting achievements of the country we are proud of are presented here. These are the merits of our compatriots – talented scientists, inventors, engineers, cultural figures, artists. Let’s talk about how our state is developing thanks to such people. And, of course, about the future. It will be built by you – the young generation of Russian citizens", – noted Mikhail Mishustin.

In his lecture Mikhail Mishustin said that the world is rapidly changing now. All the usual rules and orders are undergoing a serious rethinking. "Our President noted that the main trend is that the former, unipolar system is being replaced by a new, fairer, multipolar world order", – Mikhail Mishustin added.


He pointed out that international law is now experiencing a real "dismantling". According to him, the norms formulated by the United Nations for the sake of preserving peace and preventing the tragic events of the early and mid-20th century have ceased to work. "First of all, trust between the participants of international relations has decreased. First and foremost because some of them are trying to rewrite the rules of the game to strengthen their own leadership to the detriment of others. A significant factor was also the fact that there are new rapidly developing economies that claim regional and global leadership", – emphasized the Chairman of the Government.


Mikhail Mishustin not only delivered a lecture, but also inspected an exposition of projects that are designed to promote self-realization of children and youth. The full text of the lecture is available on the website of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Photo: Pavel Bednyakov/host photo agency: RIA News.