18 апреля 2024

Bank of Russia holds coordination meeting of BRICS countries’ central banks

The Bank of Russia reported on the progress of its work relating to the initiatives of the Russian presidency
4 апреля 2024

The presentation of the BRICS youth summit took place at the RUSSIA EXPO

The summit will gather more than 200 participants
4 марта 2024

Bank of Russia discusses sustainable development financing initiatives with BRICS countries

The Bank of Russia held a seminar for BRICS central banks in Brazil
29 февраля 2024

First meeting of BRICS countries’ central banks in 2024

Representatives of central banks of BRICS countries have discussed priority areas of cooperation
20 февраля 2024

BRICS central banks discuss cyber security issues

Special attention was paid to conducting the first joint cross-border cyber security drills
8 февраля 2024

BRICS financial track priorities for 2024 identified

On January 1, Russia was passed the baton of the BRICS chairmanship
18 января 2024

How to develop sustainable development strategy

Bank of Russia’s recommendations